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Aug 8, 2013

Coming Soon: Pro Golf in Napa Valley and an Economic Boost

Does the Napa Valley need more promotion? More publicity? More visitors? Of course it does. The economy here is bolstered in huge ways by tourism and visitors, not just the sale of wine. So, given the recent announcement that the PGA Tour will be bringing professional golf to Napa Valley in 2014 in the form of the Open to take place at the Silverado Resort, it made me think: what will be the impact on the local economy of…

Feb 11, 2013

Seeking the Iconic of American Wine

Where is the iconic center of the American wine world? What place would serve as the site of pilgrims who sought to worship at the center of American wine culture? Where is building or plot of land where devoted wine lovers, upon occupying that space would be moved to bow their heads, look around, take a deep breath and commit the memory or “where and when” to memory? I’m at a loss to identify that place that occupies the central…

Nov 30, 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Wine & Golf

Reading a story today about golf in the Sonoma wine country reminded me of something I’ve been thinking a lot about since my recent vacation in Kauai: The wine lover organizes their understanding of wine in very similar ways by which the golf fanatic organizes their understanding of the game of golf. I started thinking about this while playing a round of golf on the Makai Course in Princeville, Kauai with a young doctor from India with whom I was…