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Jul 8, 2013

Impressions of the Natural Wine Movement

I just can’t help but wonder how typical of the average active wine drinker is Lettie Teague’s assessment off her exploration into the meaning and taste of “Natural” wine. Teague, a respected and award-winning wine writer for the influential and widely read Wall Street Journal, investigated this nebulous category of wine and concluded the following: “My tasting didn’t lead me to any profound conclusions, although it did lead me to believe that some natural winemakers are more talented than others….

May 24, 2013

WINE IDEAS—What if, Imagine, If Only

• What if restaurants provided their customers with $0.10, one-ounce pours of wine immediately upon seating and changed up the wine every evening? • Imagine if there were an annual, televised, celebrated national wine competition. • If only the states put consumers first before satisfying the interests of the largest campaign competitors when it came to alcohol laws and regulations. • What if winery tasting rooms took photos of all their patrons in a “CHEERS!” pose and provided them with…

May 15, 2013

Help! I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up—The Natural Wine Edition

It’s nearly time again for what now appears to be an annual celebration of unsubstantiated and unsupported claims and assertions about wine. It’s time again to denigrate 99% of the world’s wine and winemakers. Of course, I’m talking about the coming RAW WINE FAIR, a celebration of “natural” wine taking place in London on May 19 and 20. On the cusp of this important occasion, I think it appropriate to examine some of the claims that are being made about…

Mar 22, 2013

Swill Producers, Category Killers and Fellatio: A Wine Blogger Responds

The very best (and worst) comments on this blog aren’t comments at all. They come in the form of emails to me and they come from people who don’t give their name and hide their identity via generic Gmail, YahooMail and HotMail email address. Still, they are some of the best I get. It’s that time when I highlight a few of these gems and provide responses. Wark: What I want to know is how much the industrial wineries are…

Feb 19, 2013

Fraud and Lies Continue in the Natural Wine Community

Sometimes, in mounting a defense against accusations, we inadvertently expose the weakness of our position. This is what has happened with the Italian “natural wine” community. An open letter to Italian wine publisher Gambero Rosso (which earlier published a scathing and largely unfair diatribe against “natural wine”) by a group of Italian “natural wine” producers offended by being attacked in its pages, reveals that these “natural wine” producers understand the fraud that they are perpetuating.: “We are the first to…