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Aug 15, 2013

30 Reasons to Re-Purchase a Wine

Are any of the numbered 30 below, NOT a good reasons to re-purchase a particular bottle of wine? I think it can be said with some assurance that they are all good reasons to re-purchase a bottle of wine and none can be discounted. It’s an indication of the idiosyncratic nature of our motivations, not to mention our uniqueness as individuals. What’s true is that this list could easily grow to 100 reasons or 200 or 500 or more. For…

Aug 8, 2013

Coming Soon: Pro Golf in Napa Valley and an Economic Boost

Does the Napa Valley need more promotion? More publicity? More visitors? Of course it does. The economy here is bolstered in huge ways by tourism and visitors, not just the sale of wine. So, given the recent announcement that the PGA Tour will be bringing professional golf to Napa Valley in 2014 in the form of the Open to take place at the Silverado Resort, it made me think: what will be the impact on the local economy of…

Jul 17, 2013

The Winemaker’s Fraud in Bordeaux is Called Out

The Drinks Business has published a damning and slicing editorial (endorsed by the entire “Staff”) that condemns what appears to be the widespread practice of Bordeaux vintners to “doll up” or “sex up” a sample of the most recent vintage to show to the trade during the all important En Primeur week when the last vintage’s wines are tasted through and assessed. To put it another, Drinks Business is condemning the widespread practice of fraud in Bordeaux. If I understand…

May 22, 2013

Wine Marketing Education With the Masters

Though I can’t say for sure, I’d bet that wine tasting room workers constitute the greatest number of “marketers” in any wine region in the country. I’d further hazard to guess that a good number of wine tasting room personnel have a desire to rise from the tasting room to a position that allows them to work in a more hard-core marketing environment in the wine industry. What is absolutely necessary to make this climb up the latter is education….

May 15, 2013

Sifting Through the Wine Media: A Slog With Rewards

I’m regularly evaluating the value and utility of the food and wine media (all of it) as a function of my career as a wine publicist and on behalf of clients. Also, the sixth annual Wine Bloggers Conference is coming up soon in June. The Wine Blog Awards finalists will also be announced soon. Finally, I recently learned that no one reads wine blogs anymore. So, you’ll understand why I have been recently thinking a bit more seriously about the…