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Mar 21, 2016

It’s Just Not True—Five Wine Myths

Very recently I’ve bumped up against a variety of statements and opinions that are presented as facts. Most have been circulating for some time and have recently raised their ugly head in one form or another. Others are relatively recently developed ideas. In every case, these statements and opinions are myths Consolidation is Putting the Wine Industry in Corporate Hands This is a huge myth that somehow keeps spreading and is almost always discussed whenever a winery of note changes…

Mar 10, 2016

The Simple Rhetoric of Wine Country Nimbys

How do you know when its safe to ignore a critic? When they demonstrate a willingness to engage in simple, meaningless rhetoric, rather than in delivering their opinions with words that mean something. This tendency to ignore the meaning of words and even make them up with no care for what they mean is on display in among the current batch of Nimby Wine Industry Critics who whine about under organizations titled, “Napa Vision 2050”, “Soda Canyon Road” and others….

Jan 18, 2016

Wine Marketers Can Take a Lesson From Tarantino’s Misfortune

“Wholesalers have responded to requests to distribute New York wines in such a niggardly fashion that wine shops outside the state are forced to relegate the few Empire State bottlings they are offered to the retail ghetto of the “Other Wines” section.” The thing that is wrong with this sentence provides an important lesson to publicists and marketers. The problem isn’t with grammar. The sentence is perfect in that respect. You might quibble with the point it makes, but that’s…

Jan 13, 2016

How to Think About the Southern/Glazers Wine Wholesaler Merger

Blake Gray looks at the Federal Trade Commissions recently approved merger of Southern Wine & Spirits and Glazers and is exactly correct in his conclusions: The merger this week of Southern Wine & Spirits and Glazer has created a 41-state behemoth with exclusive rights to many essential brands and  the market power to muscle out smaller competitors. This is normally the type of company that the U.S. tries to break up to protect consumers, but alcohol is a special case,…

Jan 11, 2016

Did Wine Blogs Die Without a Funeral?

Below is a chart produced via Google Trends. It depicts the relative interest in the term “Wine Blog” over time based on Google search queries.   As you can see the relative interest in wine blogs has been waning now for a good six years since interest peaked in 2009. What happened? Whatever happened did not only happen to wine blogs. It has happened to blogs in general. What happened was social media. Above is another chart produced by Google…