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Apr 20, 2005

Help Me Build a Wine Ad!

Which Shot would you choose? That’s the question at the bottom of this post I’m hoping you will work with me on. But first, a little insight into creating an ad for wine publications that needs photography as part of the ad… The work that goes into shooting a photo for an advertisement is not so simple. It’s one of the creative services we offer at Wark Communications. Today, following creative process to come up with the ad, following the…

Apr 12, 2005

Shooting in the Vineyard

You wouldn’t think taking a simple picture for an ad would be too difficult. Find the right spot. Put the people in the shot dressed real nice, wait for the right light, then snap. It’s not like that. We are working up some ads here for a client. The ads will feature two generations working at a winery; the grandfather and the granddaughter. We’ll put them in the vineyard. Don’t worry. It will be nice. But the process is more…

Apr 1, 2005

Wines Stuck Deep in the Heart of Texas

The bill working its way toward Lawhood in Texas that would allow Texas wineries to ship direct to Texans is a good thing and will help the state’s winemakers. While my California winery clients can ship wine to Texans, Texas wineries can’t. I know. Go figure. However, it will do nothing to help Texas wineries sell more wine out of state. For that to happen the Texas Legislature needs to pass a bill that would give Texas’ winemakers some cajones(sp?)….

Mar 28, 2005

Why I Get Paid The BIG BUCKS!

Here is the challenge: Describe what Chardonnay tastes like in 50 words. This was my charge earlier today as I was in the middle of working on a project that demanded I describe the characteristics of a number of different grape varieties. I sat back, staring at the blank white computer screen holding the letters C-H-A-R-D-O-N-N-A-Y, followed by a colon. I was stumped. Now, I’ve drunk a number of wines made from Chardonnay grapes. Given a particular chardonnay I could…

Mar 25, 2005

Guide to Great PR 1.0

The public relations business can be frustrating. You can never be sure if your efforts will yield results. Advertising is different. You choose the medium to advertise in. You know how many eyeballs you are paying for. And if you are good, you have a decent idea of what the response will be. Publicists spend their day, essentially, standing on the roof top and yelling, "hey, look at me!" You are bound to get someone to turn their head and…