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Oct 17, 2011

Defining Audacious in the California Wine Industry

As reported by Dr. Vino, California’s Sea Smoke Cellars out of Santa Rita Hills has placed the following wording on six of their 2009 vintage labels and on one 2008 Sparkling Wine label: “CALIFORNIA GRAND CRU” This is, in my mind, the most audacious packaging move I’ve ever seen a California wine ever make. According to the good Dr., Sea Smoke explained its unique new labeling message by referencing a March 2008 blog post at the in which Jim…

Oct 14, 2011

Sharia Law Supporters Seek To Ban CA Wine Production

I occasionally stop and think about ways I might engage more readers here at Fermentation. One thing I've never considered doing is something like this: San Francisco Restaurant Workers Support 25% Tip Standard This article in the Contra Costa Times, published on October 12th and written by Ed Arnow, reports the following: "There's a move on to make 25 percent the standard tip in San Francisco restaurants. Media sources report that San Francisco restaurant workers are behind it with support…

Oct 13, 2011

Wine and the Current Uncertainty Factor

I'M NOT SO SURE… 1…Millennials have much to offer ultra premium wineriesYes, they are adopting wine on a shorter timetable than past generations, but as Rob McMillan of Silicon Valley Bank has pointed out, these young'uns aren't buying much of the good stuff. They drinking wine with greater diversity and have a greater penchant for imported wines and enjoy really silly labels. But if I were selling $40+ bottles of wine, they would not be my target demographic. 2….It's smart…

Sep 26, 2011

Napa Valley Harvest 2011: Risk

This last Saturday, wine grape growers in Northern California got a taste of the underside of risk. Morning sprinkles provided a window into what could happen if a harvest already 3 weeks behind schedule is further effected by early spring rains and/or cool weather. These grapegrowers really didn't need to be reminded of the risk they take by betting on Mother Nature. They know already that planting grapes in a climate meant to bring them to maturity slowly, rather than…

Jul 22, 2011

Passion and Knowledge at the Wine Bloggers Conference

Maybe it shouldn't be the case, but I find it far more enjoyable to look writers in the face and hear their words than to read their words remotely. This was confirmed last night when I sat in a room with a bevy of wine writers at the Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia and dined and drank and talk. The blogger face-to-face was meant, simply, to bring together a lot of interesting people and talk blogging, wine and life….

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