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I’ve not done the looking around to see if wine bloggers tend to be men. My guess is that they are since it’s far and away a "man thing" to talk about and discuss wine.

However, I could easily be convinced that women are better natural tasters than men. In fact I’ve heard compelling arguments that women make better natural winemakers because they are natural nurturers best demonstrated by their child birth responsibilities. In fact, it was a female winemaker I worked with who made this claim. And it was hard to argue with her wines.

That said, Carolyn Tilly is an accomplished writer and wine enthusiast who has undertaken the responsibilities of wine blogging. Her new blog, The Ultimate California Wine Blog, has so far delivered two really very good reviews of a couple Napa Valley wineries.

I’m looking forward to reading much more from Carolyn. I hope she posts often. You’ve got to like the bar she’s set for herself with the very name of her blog.

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