Wine and the Myth of Natural

Wine and the Myth of Natural

Is “natural wine” better for you? Is “natural wine” tastier? Is “natural wine” really just an expression of a nostalgic ideology but possessing no particular benefits over conventionally made wine? Areo Magazine, one of the most insightful online publications currently available and resembling Quillette, another searching publication, offers up a fascinating essay that is entirely relevant to the “natural wine” movement in our industry. “The Myth of Natural”, written by Elizabeth Dangerfield, reminds us of an important truth: “If you…

Aug 8, 2019

Archaic Booze Distribution Laws and Distributors Harming Industry

Archaic Booze Distribution Laws and Distributors Harming Industry

After consumers’ demand for easy access to alcohol products via direct shipping is satisfied, the most important issue facing the alcohol industry is self-distribution—wineries, brewers and distillers possessing the right to self-distribute their products in-state and over state lines directly to retailers and restaurants rather than be forced to use wholesalers. Michigan brewers want to address this issue now, but as always they are opposed by greedy, rent-seeking wholesalers who can’t make a reasonable or rational case for their protected…

Aug 1, 2019

The #SocialJustice Movement Will Come For Wine — How Will You React?

The #SocialJustice Movement Will Come For Wine — How Will You React?

It’s hard to miss the fact that American culture and society is in the midst of significant conversation. Labels for that conversation go by a variety of names: #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, #SocialJustice, #WhitePrivilege, #gender, #CulturalAppropriation, #IdentityPolitics, #Etc, #Etc, #Etc. With the assumption America will survive these tumultuous times, we can be fairly sure that what is happening in the culture today will in the future be described as having been the prevailing zeitgeist of the times. Examining this zeitgeist from the…

Jul 31, 2019

Alabama’s Studies Wine Shipping…Because It’s So Damned Complicated

Alabama's Studies Wine Shipping...Because It's So Damned Complicated

Despite the Alabama legislature being directed to form a Study Task Force to examine the wine direct shipping issue, I remain shocked that it actually happened. What’s even more shocking is that after 45 other states have figured out how to implement direct shipment of wine, Alabama needs a study task force to figure it all out. And it appears there are a few folks on the task force who can’t quite figure out how to implement direct shipping while…

Jul 29, 2019

Donald Trump, French Wine and the Task of Tying One’s Own Shoes

Donald Trump, French Wine and the Task of Tying One's Own Shoes

I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to mock the American president. One can disagree with a president. One can support an American president’s electoral defeat. One can urge others to oppose a president’s policies and initiatives. But mocking a president almost always seems imprudent and juvenile and destructive of democracy.  Or not. I’m a chauvinist. Why I’m a chauvinist I can’t say. Nevertheless, I’m almost always going to be inclined to come to the defense of the…

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