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Nov 13, 2019

Elizabeth Schneider on Normalizing Wine, East Coast Rap, and Raising Petulant Children

After reading, then reviewing Wine For Normal People—the new educational wine book by Elizabeth Schneider—I wanted to give my readers a bit more insight into Elizabeth and her work in the wine education field. Here’s my short interview with Elizabeth. It came on the heels of her most recent sold out Underground Wine Event in Washington, DC. Between her two children and her husband, her book writing, her book promoting, her wine event production and her famously popular wine podcast—Wine…

Nov 3, 2019

Wine Education Gets the Normal Treatment

Elizabeth Schneider is an extremist moderate in the wine world. She is emphatic that one ought not to be dogmatic about what you drink. Rather, she is a disciple for sensory and intellectual pleasure in wine. She is a fanatic when it comes to taking a rational perspective on what wine means, how we ought to appreciate how it is grown and made, and how we ought to evaluate wine.  And I like all that. Schneider is coming up on…

Oct 28, 2019

“Wine Country” Is Not On Fire — A Message To The Media

If I didn’t know better, I’d assume the entirety of Northern California “Wine Country” was on fire. But I do know better. And so should the media. I’m not the most obsessive stickler for accuracy. However, when I constantly hear the media inform the world that “Fires Burn California Wine Country” I cringe at its severe inaccuracy. It’s a bit like claiming that “snow comes to California” when in fact there is only snow on the mountain peaks. It’s not…

Sep 9, 2019

Orange Wine and the State of Wine Writing

Have you ever noticed that the best writing about wine isn’t really about wine? The New Yorker’s Troy Patterson Jr. is proof. His most recent critique of a niche culture comes at the expense of Orange Wine, “distinguished by what are conventionally considered imperfections: astringency, bracing bitterness, earthy funk.” Ouch! This is not the conclusion of, but rather a sidebar to, Patterson’s article entitled, “How the Orange-Wine Fad Became an Irresistible Assault on Pleasure” in the latest issue of the…

Jul 2, 2019

Honor Your Icons

Honor your icons. Do it consistently. Recognize individual contributions. Never minimize pioneers. Accentuate your history. All these important, but too infrequently recognized, principles are on wonderful display today in the honor being paid to Charlie Barra who recently passed at the age of 92. Organic Wines Uncorked has a really lovely tribute to Mr. Barra who spent more than 70 years working in the California wine industry, primarily in Mendocino County. Among the things reported in Organic Wines Uncorked’s tribute…

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