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Apr 30, 2018

Simple and Useful Rules for Wine Media Events

There is a good, general rule in wine media relations: Try not to send generic press releases or story pitches to those members of the media who are highly unlikely to have any interest in them. It’s a good rule because when your Virginia winery sends a press release to San Francisco Chronicle Wine, Beer and Spirits Write Esther Mobley about your inclusion in Food & Wine Magazine’s  “Top Ten Best Wineries To Visit in Virginia” story, you are likely…

Mar 22, 2018

If You Get A Chance To Write About Wine, At Least Make An Effort

It’s a worthwhile story if a little fawning. But this pretty good story about new wine clubs on the scene is ruined out of the gate by its reliance on old tropes, red herrings, stereotypes and downright fables: “Millennials love buying wine so much it’s shifting sales of vino to the internet, as is the natural progression of all things beloved. Millennials “getting into wine” is the antithesis of what was once deemed an elite hobby, much to the chagrin of wine…

Dec 28, 2017

Embrace the Wine Critic — They Matter

The Wine Critic matters…as much as ever. It’s worth pointing out that the wine critic is not, as too many suggest, some self-interested hanger-on simply pushing subjective opinions any one of us could offer. Rather, the dedicated wine critic is a passionate student of wine who has devoted a healthy part of their lives to understanding wine, celebrating wine and prodding those who produce wine. It’s true that the wine critic can grow cynical and even stiff from their constant…

Dec 20, 2017

My Top Ten Wine Dreams for 2018

The year 2012 was fascinating. A number of issues came to the fore and had an important impact on the wine industry. Looking forward to 2018 I have a few hopes and wishes for developments in the Amerian wine industry. All of the following, if they came to fruition, would be very good for the wine industry, for wine drinkers and for me. What about you? 1 – More Cabernet Franc produced in the style of Washington’s Owen Roe 2…

Sep 8, 2017

Napa Valley’s Appellations Are Near Meaningless

Richard Mendelson’s newish book, “Appellations Napa Valley” is a fantastic tome. Written in a personal, first person voice that reflects Mendelson’s vast experience with the development of the Valley’s various sub appellations as well as his obvious and genuine affinity for this part of the world, the coffee table-style book is a unique and necessary addition to the Napa Valley Wine bibliography. However, the subject of the book brings up an important question that has been asked before: Do Napa…

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