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Jan 4, 2017

The 15 Top Selling Wine Books

The current top selling wine books on Amazon are an interesting collection, including entries by two who began as wine bloggers as well as two on Mead. Yes, Mead. 1. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine by Madeline Puckette Madeline began as a wine blogger. Way to go, home team. 2. The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil See #14 on the list. 3. Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: Revised and Expanded Edition by Kevin Zraly…

Dec 30, 2016

The Year In Charting Wine

There are many ways to reflect on the year (2016) in wine. No doubt, those various views will be explored as the year comes to an end and as 2016 data sets of various types become available in the new year. One data set always available is Google Trends, a tool that allow us to measure relative interest in Internet search terms. By comparing search terms we can look at the relative interest in those terms over the past year….

Nov 3, 2016

Wine Blogging: A Few Changes in 12 Years

I recently celebrated my 12th full year of writing and publishing Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog. After 3,007 posts, I can say with some certainty that wine blogging is not dead. However, it’s not what it was. The primary change that has come to the realm of wine blogs is that a shared camaraderie among wine bloggers isn’t nearly as strong as it was in the years 2005 -2010. The think the reason for this is pretty obvious. At the…

Oct 25, 2016

The Not So Professional Winemaker

Quite a long time ago I began explaining to clients and to readers of this blog and to audiences that the real impact on the wine world from the emergence of the Internet was the sudden access we all had to voices that otherwise we would have never heard from. My current Favorite Voice is Stewart Dorman: The Not So Professional Winemaker VARIETALS I CAN’T REMEMBER WHY I USE A CORKSCREW ALL ABOUT THE VINEYARD Though thoroughly unprofessional as you…

Sep 23, 2016

A New York Times Bestseller is About Wine — Who Knew?

Seems to me that the vast majority of wine books that are published purport to introduce novices or “beginners” to wine. And that’s fine. That’s probably what’s needed and what sells. But occasionally you get some really interesting non-reference wine books that sell gangbusters. “The Billionaire’s Vinegar” and “War & Wine” both come to mind. What doesn’t often sell all that well and what doesn’t usually become a bestseller are those books that chronicle individual wineries. They might be interesting,…