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Oct 19, 2019

Natural Wine—Ouch! Is It Funny Because It’s True?

Wow GIF from Wow GIFs OUCH!! “Compared to traditional wines, natural wines have a wider range of flavor profiles, owing to the fact that they’re not constrained by oppressive concepts such as “good” and “drinkable.” You’ll find some that are effervescent and floral, while others can be tannic and herbal. Still others resemble the Syrah that your friends were expecting you to bring to their dinner party, so try to find that one, please.” This (and more) from a New…

Aug 12, 2019

Wine and the Myth of Natural

Is “natural wine” better for you? Is “natural wine” tastier? Is “natural wine” really just an expression of a nostalgic ideology but possessing no particular benefits over conventionally made wine? Areo Magazine, one of the most insightful online publications currently available and resembling Quillette, another searching publication, offers up a fascinating essay that is entirely relevant to the “natural wine” movement in our industry. “The Myth of Natural”, written by Elizabeth Dangerfield, reminds us of an important truth: “If you…

Jul 22, 2019

What Is It About Natural Wine That Turns Folks Into Incoherent Ranters?

I recognize the writing style of Oliver Styles. I recognize Style’s writing style because it’s much like mine. I start writing a diatribe and begin with reason, with deferential tones, then I descend into straight-up ranting. It happens. Styles is a winemaker who wants to take to task the Wine Spectator’s James Molesworth for his less than enthusiastic endorsement of Natural wine. The problem that Styles faces in his diatribe is different than mine insofar as when I descend into…

May 15, 2019

The Immoral and Unethical Wine Frauds of the World

The biggest frauds of the wine world are still slinging their corrosive lies. We know this because we read today that Doug Wregg’s “Real Wine Fair” and its promotion of “Natural” wine appears to still be going strong among a very small number of dupes, lost souls and the ignorant among us. Mr. Wregg is unlikely to take exception to me using the terms “fraud” or “corrosive” liar, or “ignorant” to describe him and others willing to stick to the…

Apr 12, 2018

Hypocrisy and Natural Wine

So, Isabelle Legeron wants stricter label requirements for wine and more transparency….except no word of such “transparency” when it comes to the use of the term “Natural”.  For that term on a label or promotional materials, no such label regulations are necessary: Stronger legal framework Careful food sourcing should equal careful drinks sourcing, says Isabelle Legeron. For her it just makes sense. As restaurants, and their customers alike, care even more about what what goes through their kitchen, and ends…

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