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Jul 19, 2016

How To Tell if A Natural Wine Sucks

Whenever I see someone disparage other wines and wineries in the service of their own wines I assume one thing and one thing only: Their own wines suck. Interestingly, this brand of disparagement is embraced primarily by those who are trying to sell so-called “Natural Wines”. It has occurred with some regularity that Natural Wine supporters attempt to diminish the quality and character of wines not self-identifying as “natural”. It has happened again in a new article published by JustLuxe…

May 31, 2016

In Pursuit of the Top Five New Wine Organizations

With the In Pursuit of Balance organization shuttered and the American wine world now completely unbalanced again, it occurs that there is room and need for new organizations to form within the wine industry. My candidates for new organizations follow: 1. Association For the Advancement of Wine Forgers (AFAWF) Anyone who followed the recent controversy concerning the Baghera Auction in Geneva and the alleged forged bottles that Don Cornwell identified simply by looking at the pictures of the bottles in…

May 26, 2016

Natural Wines: Good Grief!

With regard to “Natural Wines”, what’s wrong with this sentence: “Along with eschewing additives, natural wines are small-batch, made using traditional equipment and fermented using the wild yeasts that occur naturally in the winery, contributing to the terroir of the finished product.” All correct answers (there are more than one) receive a Huzzah!

Mar 23, 2016

Unless It’s Natural Wine, You Are Drinking Poison—Right?

As I warned some years ago, “Natural Wine” is having its moments. Everywhere you look journalists, vintners, somms and tavern keepers are extolling the virtues of this undefined product. I’ve made something of a habit of pointing out that these champions of this marketing phrase prefer rhetoric over honesty or precision when they discuss their favorite new phrase/product. And though pointing out the deceit of these Natural Wine Champions has probably no impact whatsoever on the fraud that they perpetuate,…

Mar 14, 2016

Ideological Wine

Ideology infects everything. Starting with politics, of course, but ideology and the personal philosophies and world views that inform ideology are seen in the wine industry too. By “ideology” I mean a philosophy of how the world works or ought to work and, more specifically, how that worldview impacts one’s view of man other subjects and topics. I think it’s rare these days for one’s ideology to place them in the middle as a moderate. More often than not a…

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