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Nov 16, 2021

Wine and Spirit Wholesalers: Profiles In Whining

Imagine being such a whiner that you felt it necessary to issue a press release to say just how much you didn’t like an article that didn’t include your unsubstantiated propaganda. Meet the Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of America, the greatest source of tears and whining in the alcohol biz. The WSWA’s recent press release condemning a Daily Beast article by Susannah Skiver Barton takes issue with the fact that the WSWA’s position on interstate shipment of spirits was “misrepresented”….

Mar 1, 2021

Clown Cars Appear at Oregon Capitol—2,700% increase in Alcohol Tax Emerges

Proposing to raise the tax on beer and cider by 2,700% and raising it on wine by 1,500% (YES…between 2,700% and 1,500%!) is in and of itself comical. But it’s not a comically bad miscalculation by the sponsors of an Oregon bill that would do just this. It is the political equivalent of virtue signaling: Attempting to get credit for taking a strong position on, and making a bold proposal to address, an issue when there is little to no…

Feb 22, 2021

New Report Released—Politics Under the Influence

Over the past two election cycles (2017 – 2020) more than $230 million has been spent by the alcohol industry for political influence. The details of campaign contributions and lobbying expenses at both the state and federal level make up the content of “Politics Under The Influence”, a report I recently completed and that is released today: CLICK TO DOWNLOAD “POLITICS UNDER THE INFLUENCE” This new report is based on information available in public databases that track campaign contributions at…

Jun 25, 2020

Recent Oregon Wine News

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May 19, 2020

Tyranny as a Peril of Pandemic—The California ABC Power Grab

Due Process: It’s the concept and rule that when the state or its agencies or representatives takes legal action against a person or organization, it is required to follow the law in doing so, which includes providing an avenue for the accused to dispute the charges against them. It’s a pretty important concept and in America represents the difference between tyranny and rule by the people. So why is the California Alcohol Beverage Commission in the process of suspending due…