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Jan 11, 2005

“Sonoma VALLEY” vs “Sonoma COUNTY”

As noted in the post directly above this one, a study unveiled today demonstrates that far more consumers are familiar with "Sonoma County" as a wine region of quality, than they are any of its sub appellations such as "Dry Creek Valley", "Russian River Valley" or "Carneros". The study looked at consumer awareness of wine regions around the world and found that awareness broke down like this: Napa County: 95 percent Sonoma County: 86 percent Bordeaux, France: 72 percent Dry…

Jan 6, 2005

“I’m sad…I hate this wine!”

Why is it that some people enjoy certain aromas, while others don’t? Some people enjoy that hint of barnyard in wine resulting from Bret, while others can’t abide it. With older German rieslings I love that smell of petroleum. Others, however, detest it. Researchers at Brown University have concluded the following:  "When an odour is paired with an emotional event, perception of that odour was altered to fit that association." This leads to the conclusions that: "As humans, we’re not…

Jan 5, 2005

San Jose Merc Notes No Oak Trend in Winemaking

I’m heartened by the fact that more and more wine writers are talking about wines with little or no oak. I like wines aged in oak. But the trend of soaking a wine in oak really took over the wine industry over the past decade. There have even been reports of some wineries using "200 Percent" oak. What that means is they put the wine in brand new oak to age for a few months, then they rack the wine…