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Sep 17, 2019

A Snapshot of the State of the Oregon Wine Industry

The ascent of the Oregon wine industry continues apace. The latest bit of evidence that Oregon wine (and Oregon Pinot Noir in particular) is one of the hottest wine categories in the United States comes in the form of the 2018 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report, an annual report produced by the Oregon Wine Board. The highlights of the report, which is focused primarily on developing a snapshot of the industry in 2018, are primarily agriculture and production focused. However,…

May 24, 2019

Iconic Visual Marketing in the Willamette Valley Wine Industry

Art and wine are linked and they have been for quite some time. Most commonly the link is exploited and explored in the form of “Artist Labels” with Chateau Mouton Rothschild being the most famous example of that genre of packaging. What isn’t as common, however, is seeing a multi-year marketing or promotional effort unified by a single artist’s touch. When rare times when done well it delivers a compelling vision that works as remarkably effective marketing. The collaboration of…

Apr 17, 2019

POUR OREGON — A Celebration of Oregon Wine’s Diversity

If it wasn’t clear to you before, once you step into any wine retail setting in the state of Oregon you realize immediately that Pinot Noir is as dominant in this state as Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blends are dominant in Napa Valley. In 2017, according to the University of Oregon’s 2017 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report, Pinot Noir represented 2/3 of the entire value of the Oregon wine grape crop. That’s called dominance. However, what about that other 1/3…

Apr 1, 2019

The Rise of Willamette Valley’s Sub-Appellations — Statistically Speaking

Since writing about the proposed conjunctive labeling law in the Oregon legislature meant for wines produced in the Willamette Valley, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Willamette Valley. I continue to believe that the proposed conjunctive labeling law that will require all wines carrying any of the sub-AVAs located in the Willamette Valley on their label to also place the words “Willamette Valley” somewhere on the label, is imprudent. However, I’m a bit less concerned today about this conjunctive…

Mar 26, 2019

Can the Authenticity of Oregon Wine Be Mandated by Law?

More than any other winemaking region in America, Oregon’s Willamette Valley (my new home) appears to be as or more committed to the “authenticity” of its wine products than any other winemaking region in the country. The vintners here also seem to recognize that when it comes to wine, there are two different kinds of “authenticity”. The first is the objective type in which what is actually in the bottle is genuinely a product of Willamette Valley-grown grapes. The second kind…

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