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Nov 12, 2019

Expensive Wines, Men v Women, and Peacock Feathers

Women are less likely to buy expensive wine than are men, even when you control for personal disposable income. This is the conclusion drawn by Wine Intelligence, which did an analysis in 2018 and further concluded that women “Could they be the next growth opportunity?” This matches what we’ve known for a long time about gender-based wine buying patterns. Men are far more likely to seek out and purchase expensive and collectible wines. The Wine Intelligence explanation for women not…

Nov 3, 2019

Wine Education Gets the Normal Treatment

Elizabeth Schneider is an extremist moderate in the wine world. She is emphatic that one ought not to be dogmatic about what you drink. Rather, she is a disciple for sensory and intellectual pleasure in wine. She is a fanatic when it comes to taking a rational perspective on what wine means, how we ought to appreciate how it is grown and made, and how we ought to evaluate wine.  And I like all that. Schneider is coming up on…

Oct 18, 2019

Winery vs Retailer — It’s Not a Real Fight

“It’s an opportunity for consumers, and that’s the most important thing. Whatever’s best for the customer is going to be best for us in the end.” These are the wise words of Belinda Weber, Duckhorn Wine Company Marketing Director, in a Napa Valley Register article that explored the impact of June’s Tennessee Wine v Thomas Supreme Court decision and its real potential to result in more states changing their laws to allow wine shipments from out-of-state wine retailers. But, the…

Sep 3, 2019

A Comprehensive Review of Power and Ideology in Alcohol Politics

There is a political spectrum within the alcohol industry. However, it’s not much like the ideological extremes of American political culture. The American polity is divided; polarized in a way I can’t recall before. It’s as though the electorate will root for their team, no matter how absurd or radical the deeds, desires or words attributed to the leadership of their tribe. The middle of the American political spectrum is a wasteland—a bowed middle and top-heavy on the ends. While…

Aug 20, 2019

The Case For Screwing Wine Lovers

Fourteen years ago one thing was clear to everyone concerned after the Supreme Court rendered its decision in Granholm v Heald: States that allowed their own wineries to ship wine direct to consumers but prohibited out-of-state wineries from doing the same had to erase that discriminatory treatment. There was little talk or concern then as to whether or not states needed to address discrimination in retailer DTC shipments. In June 2019 when the Supreme Court issued its decision in Tennessee…

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