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Nov 20, 2018

Top 10 Reasons Wine Lovers Can Be Thankful

1. The selection of wines available in the United States today is more diverse and interesting than any other time in history. 2. Wine by the glass is showing up in more and more venues such as drug stores, grocery stores, and coffee shops. And who doesn’t want to sip a glass of wine while shopping for Lucky Charms? 3. The online venues where wine lovers can gab with one another about their obsession, such as Vivino, Delectable, Wine Berserkers, Cellar Tracker and…

Nov 13, 2018

Wine Consumers Must Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

In late 2004, just prior to the coming Dec 7th oral arguments in the groundbreaking Granholm v Heald Supreme Court case, a number of groups and parties concluded their interests demanded they must inform the Court of their perspective on wine shipping in America. They decided they needed to make a case to the Court. They decided that justice required they tell the court the reasons they believed discriminatory wine shipping laws were good or bad for the country. So,…

Nov 4, 2018

Wine, Consumers and the Court

There is no other category of consumer whose day to day commercial habits are more impacted by politics than wine consumers. Their product choices, the places they can purchase products, the age at which they may purchase wine products, and the way by which they may purchase wine are all dictated by politics. The reason for this is the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, which dictated that in addition to ending 14 years of national prohibition of drinking, the Amendment…

Sep 27, 2018

Ten Ways Wine Can Combat the Threat of Cannabis

Here are five paragraphs from a news story concerning cannabis and wine with which members of the wine industry ought to be very concerned: Jena, a 27-year-old business operations employee based in Chicago, has consumed alcohol socially for nearly a decade. In recent months, however, she decided it was not worth the calories or hangovers. She switched to cannabis products, and now she smokes marijuana once or twice a week and eats gummy candies with cannabidiol, also known as CBD, a…

Aug 27, 2018

On Boycotts, Wine and the World

In a continuation of his provocative “August Essays”, influential writer Andrew Jefford makes the case that wine drinkers have a moral and ethical responsibility to choose their drinks with an eye toward responding the “extraordinary times unfolding around us”. Jefford argues that our purchasing choices ought to be guided by the way in which a producer or country is responding to or playing a role in a “world in which unilateralism, threats, posturing, bullying and sanctions are superseding multilateralism and consensus.” In…

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