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May 21, 2019

The Best American Chardonnays By Region (Plus HG)

Tuesday, May 21, 2019, is “Chardonnay Day. It is also my son’s birthday. The two are not connected in any way. However, I do know why May 21 is Henry George’s birthday. I just don’t know why it’s also “Chardonnay Day. Chardonnay is America’s favorite varietal wine. Annually it sells more than 30 million cases, according to Nielsen. (There is, however, only one Henry George, making him a far more valuable commodity on a bottle v. baby basis) On the…

Jul 27, 2018

The Wine is Dry and You’ll Like it, Damn It!

A new survey conducted on behalf of Jordon Winery answered the question, at what age do Americans begin appreciating wine. The answer was 29 years old. The survey doesn’t answer why it takes this long, and that’s disappointing. However, the survey did ask the question what does the average American like about wine: “Americans prefer their wine to be smooth (56 percent), fruity (48 percent), and sweet (47 percent)…” This is interesting but hardly surprising. All you have to do…

Nov 7, 2017

Wine and The Glory of Smoke Taint

“I really, strongly feel that I want there to be some character about the fire in the wines. This is part of the vintage, and it’s going to be a part of my life, remembering this event. In 10 years, if I sit down and have a bottle of that smoky Cabernet, I want to remember the vintage…At the same time, I don’t want the wines to be disgusting.” If there we ever more authentic words from a true grape…

Jul 13, 2017

1966 Rock n Roll vs The Greatness of 2017 California Wine

In 1966 Bob Dylan Released Blonde On Blonde, the Beach Boys released Pet Sounds, and the Beatles released Revolver. It’s arguable that no three albums together had more influence on the history of Rock n Roll. And it all happened in one year. It was a seminal year for Rock n Roll and one we can look back on it and, again, make the case that it was the pinnacle of the Rock genre. I wonder if 2017 might, in…

Mar 1, 2016

Wine—What’s Old Is Rarely What’s New

“What’s New?” It’s the query that occupies the minds of most anyone in the wine industry who ponder what kind of new fad or new embrace is coming to wine drinkers near them. “Grenache…the wine we’ll be drinking!”  “Natural wine is the new thing being driven by a new generation of drinkers.”  “Cabernet is dead, long live red blends!”. Some of the predictions (and hopes) come true. Others remain mere hopes or failed predictions. So it will always be. But…

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