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Feb 3, 2015

Urging Reviews of American Sauvignon Blanc-Semillion Blends

Charlie Olken, a man who has seen and tasted more wines than 99.9% of us, makes an interesting observation in the latest Connoisseurs Guide Blog Post: Why the hell are there not more Semillion-Sauvignon Blanc blends produced by American wineries? It’s not as though this blend of whites isn’t both common and well-accepted (see Bordeaux — or, for that matter, see Australia. Or, just talk to the Meritage Alliance). Additionally, this blend of whites has another thing going for it:…

Dec 30, 2014

Top 5 Predictions for Wine in 2015

I am notoriously average when it comes to making successful predictions. All that means is that I have to keep trying. So, here are my top five predictions fort what’s coming in the world of wine in 2015. Note that there are, as there have been in the past, no predictions concerning the three-tier system or wine blogs. Read into that what you like. 1. Winery Turnover Is Coming Full Force Wine had a damn good year in 2014 and…

Feb 10, 2014

The Wine Materialist Lays a Natural Turd

I chuckle every time I hear the phrase uttered or written: “As Nature Intended”. On its face, the phrase implies that nature or the natural world displays intent, which further implies that a rock, an apple tree, the wind, iron molecules and, yes, even vineyards possess intelligence. And this is a kind interpretation of the phrase. At base, the phrase implies that “Nature” is a single intelligent actor that is at least willful and at most omnipotent. It’s a pretty…

Oct 22, 2013

Dispensing with the Unjustified Criticism of Big California Wines

The great Kermit Lynch was profiled in last Sunday’s issue of the New York Times Magazine. The immortal wine  importer/singer entertained and enlightened with views on a number of wine subjects, including a bit of a slap at California wines or, as he calls them “Pop Wines”. No one should ever have it in mind to question Mr. Lynch’s knowledge of wine. But in the interview, he continued the promotion of what is, in my view, an unfounded criticism of…

Oct 9, 2013

Could the Zinfandel Resurgence Be Underway?

For as long as I’ve been in the wine industry there have always been waves of varietal popularity. Certain wine types, at different times and for different reasons find an audience, become popular and seem to attract the attention of the trade and consumers more so than other varieties. Zinfandel is due for a resurgence. For quite some time, you couldn’t turn a page without reading about Pinot Noir, thanks in large part to the movie “Sideways” and a contingent…

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