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Jul 22, 2013


In some circles, the next two weekends represent the jackpot duo: the weekends for which they’ve waited all year. They likely already have their bags packed and a bit less work will get done the next few days as they day-dream about the coming explosion of Pinot Noirs upon their palate and consciousness. For others, like my wife Kathy Berez, the next two weekends represent not just the culmination of a great deal of work, but also a chance to…

Jul 2, 2013

The Four Pillars of Wine Appreciation

Is it possible to cultivate a satisfying and in-depth appreciation of wine without sharing that appreciation with others? This is what I wondered as I sat on a judging panel this past weekend with others and evaluated entries in the Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Competition. Would an appreciation of wine cultivated in isolation provide anything close to the same level of satisfaction were that appreciation cultivated without comparison with other palates, the impressions of others or the opinions of…

May 14, 2013

A Wine Education in the Sweet and Obscure

I had an experience last week that reminded me that we ought not ever assume that our world view correlates to the world view of others. Or at the very least, don’t assume that what you drink is what everyone else drinks. Over the course of two days judging at the Riverside International Wine Competition, I and three other compatriots tasted upwards of 250 or so wines…most of which I’d never purchased, never seen, never tasted nor in some cases,…

Mar 6, 2013

The Case of the Old Friend

It’s unlikely that many of us have a lot of old friends. Those people you’ve come to rely on as a confidant, who know you and your peculiars, who you have witnessed changing over time as their personalities and lives are altered. It is a privilege to have such a person in your life. You learn quite a bit about how time makes its impact when you sample the same person over the years. The things that recommend we take…

Jan 15, 2013

The Greatest American Wine Fest

After 22 years, the Zinfandel Festival produced by Zinfandel Advocates and Produces (ZAP) remains the most meaningful public wine tasting and most important gathering of wine producers in America. The Zinfandel Festival is the annual opportunity to taste the full depth and breadth of America’s only truly original contribution to fine wine. Furthermore, the Zinfandel bottlings at the Zin Fest derive from every corner of California, and even beyond. It remains, after 22 years a remarkable opportunity for the true…

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