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Jan 15, 2020

The Dry Januarians Are A Threat That Need A Response

God bless Alain Ducasse. So upset and infuriated is the legendary French chef with the entire concept of “Dry January” that in response he has significantly lowered the price of his best Rhone, Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles at his Parisian restaurants during the first month of the year. The idea is to coax people off their pledge to not drink in January by enticing them with restaurant wine prices they can’t refuse. I’ve heard people who dismiss the Dry January…

Dec 30, 2019

The 2020 Wine Resolutions

I’ve been drinking wine seriously for roughly 35 years. I’ve drunk to learn. Drunk to judge and drunk to drink. I’ve done a fairly complete study of California wine. I’ve had the chance to drink fairly liberally through Bordeaux. And I’ve sampled extensively from the wine produced in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal. So, what Wine Resolutions could I possibly commit to for 2020 that would make my life and career much better? 1. Wine…

Dec 15, 2019

The Wine Issues and Items of 2019

After working on behalf of clients, my time is often taken up with attention paid to those issues and items in the wine world that most significantly impact my industry and my life. In 2019 there were many wine issues and items that consistently captured my attention. Going forward into 2020, many of these issues should attract your attention too. The Aggregators For those of us who closely follow the wine news and news of the industry, the aggregators have…

Nov 14, 2019

Time to Gear Up For A Battle Over Wine and Health

Over the past decade or more few people engaged in the business of wine have given much thought or devoted much commentary to the subject of wine and health. This is contrary to the explosion of concern with the issue of how drinking wine may positively or negatively impact our health that flowed over the wine industry and the U.S. culture in the 1990s. However, over the past two decades, the scientific and research community has been very busy concerning…

Nov 13, 2019

Elizabeth Schneider on Normalizing Wine, East Coast Rap, and Raising Petulant Children

After reading, then reviewing Wine For Normal People—the new educational wine book by Elizabeth Schneider—I wanted to give my readers a bit more insight into Elizabeth and her work in the wine education field. Here’s my short interview with Elizabeth. It came on the heels of her most recent sold out Underground Wine Event in Washington, DC. Between her two children and her husband, her book writing, her book promoting, her wine event production and her famously popular wine podcast—Wine…

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