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Oct 8, 2018

Sonoma State Wine MBA Students Get it Done

If you are ever inclined to ask, “just what the hell are they teaching those kids in college these days,” I’d point you to a recent story for Wine Industry Advisor written by Madeleine Rose that examines the results of a Wine MBA class project at Sonoma State University. Though the survey is very small in sample size, the students at Sonoma State have uncovered some interesting hints at how the generations approach to wine is both similar and different. And…

Sep 6, 2018

Two Important Announcements in Wine Education

Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often: “Discovering and nurturing the next generation of outstanding young wine writers has been one of my longstanding personal goals for Vinous. As part of our mission, Vinous established the Young Wine Writers Fellowship in 2014, shortly after we launched. I am thrilled to announce that the Fellowship is back in 2018″ The Vinous Young Wine Writer Fellowship provides the fellow with a $3,000 stipend to be used for travel to and research…

Aug 27, 2018

On Boycotts, Wine and the World

In a continuation of his provocative “August Essays”, influential writer Andrew Jefford makes the case that wine drinkers have a moral and ethical responsibility to choose their drinks with an eye toward responding the “extraordinary times unfolding around us”. Jefford argues that our purchasing choices ought to be guided by the way in which a producer or country is responding to or playing a role in a “world in which unilateralism, threats, posturing, bullying and sanctions are superseding multilateralism and consensus.” In…

Jul 27, 2018

The Wine is Dry and You’ll Like it, Damn It!

A new survey conducted on behalf of Jordon Winery answered the question, at what age do Americans begin appreciating wine. The answer was 29 years old. The survey doesn’t answer why it takes this long, and that’s disappointing. However, the survey did ask the question what does the average American like about wine: “Americans prefer their wine to be smooth (56 percent), fruity (48 percent), and sweet (47 percent)…” This is interesting but hardly surprising. All you have to do…

Jul 6, 2018

The Best Wine Books Coming Soon

The well-established wine literary genre is littered with much of the same. Primarily, newly issued wine books are for “dummies”, the easily intimidated, and those who want a shortcut. And that’s fine. Still occasionally—very occasionally—wine books of real interest are published. I regularly look over Amazon’s list of “coming-soon” wine books to see what will soon be released that will be of interest to smart, confident, dedicated wine lovers. Here’s what I’ve found. A GLASS HALF FULL: MY LIFE IN…

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