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Dec 15, 2019

The Wine Issues and Items of 2019

After working on behalf of clients, my time is often taken up with attention paid to those issues and items in the wine world that most significantly impact my industry and my life. In 2019 there were many wine issues and items that consistently captured my attention. Going forward into 2020, many of these issues should attract your attention too. The Aggregators For those of us who closely follow the wine news and news of the industry, the aggregators have…

Dec 4, 2019

What Draws Readers to a Wine Blog — A Post List

It’s always interesting to go back and take a look at those posts here at FERMENTATION that attracted the most readers over the past year. It tells me not only what kind of topics my readers enjoy reading, but it also gives me a sense of which topics resonate most within the industry (My readership is primarily made up of industry members). With that in mind, here are the top 10 most read posts here at FERMENTATION over the past…

Dec 3, 2019

The Top Wine Stories of 2019

The wine industry in America is a trailing indicator of the culture and economy. It always has been. The top stories in wine in 2019 reflect this truism. Politics, powerful social movements, the economy, evolving modes of consumerism and natural disasters all came together to give us the industry’s biggest stories in 2019. These are those stories. Supreme Court Pushes Back on Protectionism Fourteen years ago the U.S. Supreme Court rendered an opinion in Granholm v Heald that created the…

Nov 20, 2018

Top 10 Reasons Wine Lovers Can Be Thankful

1. The selection of wines available in the United States today is more diverse and interesting than any other time in history. 2. Wine by the glass is showing up in more and more venues such as drug stores, grocery stores, and coffee shops. And who doesn’t want to sip a glass of wine while shopping for Lucky Charms? 3. The online venues where wine lovers can gab with one another about their obsession, such as Vivino, Delectable, Wine Berserkers, Cellar Tracker and…

Dec 29, 2017

The 10 Most Read Stories of 2017 At The Daily Wine Blog

It turns out that 2017 marked the highest readership this blog has received since 2011, an achievement I didn’t expect when the year began. Having done nothing different this year than in past years, I can only attribute the increase in, and consistency of, readership to a great desire among members of the wine trade for opinion and analysis about the state of the trade. That’s what I’m telling myself. Below are the ten most-read stories here at Fermentation for…

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