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May 17, 2006

10 THINGS: You’ll Never See On A Wine’s Back Label

10 THINGS…YOU’LL NEVER SEE ON A BACK LABEL OF  A WINE1. A description of the health benefits of wine 2. The wineries suggested retail price for the wine 3. An apology for the high alcohol content in the wine 4. A list of the MOG —materials other than grapes—in the wine (you probably don’t want to know) 5. The name of the person who designed the back label 6. A suggestion you pair the wine with sauteed liver and onions…

May 9, 2006

10 THINGS: About Glossy Wine Mags

TEN THINGS…We Know About The Glossy Wine Magazines The glossy wine magazines often come in for a lot of criticism by those in the wine industry and those who make wine an important part of their lives. Some is deserved, some is not. 1. They don’t give good reviews to wines just because they are advertisers 2. Advertising is dominated by the huge brands 3. Good reviews from the glossies sell wine 4. They are written and designed to appeal…

Apr 28, 2006

10 Things I’ve Learned About Wine Blogging

10 Things I’ve learned About Wine Blogging 1. The more you post the more readers you will have. 2. If you can’t show an interest in your peers’ blogs, why would they show an interest in yours? 3. The greatest luxury for a blogger is having an editor (wish I had one). 4. HTML and style sheets aren’t as difficult to learn as you think, but they are very hard to master. 5. Linking out to other sites and pages…