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Jan 2, 2020

Stop The Wine Tariffs

The threatened 100% tariffs on wines from the EU will result in a number of American wine importers closing down and going out of business. The proposed 100% tariffs on wines from the European Union will wreck a great number of small independent wine stores and wine bars. Many of the remaining small wholesalers will also be knocked for a loop. But don’t worry. Total Wine & More will survive. So will Southern Glazers. But, in the end, at least…

Dec 15, 2019

The Wine Issues and Items of 2019

After working on behalf of clients, my time is often taken up with attention paid to those issues and items in the wine world that most significantly impact my industry and my life. In 2019 there were many wine issues and items that consistently captured my attention. Going forward into 2020, many of these issues should attract your attention too. The Aggregators For those of us who closely follow the wine news and news of the industry, the aggregators have…

Dec 10, 2019

Five Important Wine Trends and Predictions for 2020

It’s not always easy to make predictions, but it is fun. The best way I know to do this is to look at obvious and not-so-obvious trends and try to discern where they are leading. Where is wine heading in 2020? The Economy Will Create Value in Wine I’ve been saying for some time now that I don’t like the path the economy is taking for any number of reasons. Real Estate trends, manufacturing slowdowns, rising debt and trade wars…

Dec 3, 2019

The Top Wine Stories of 2019

The wine industry in America is a trailing indicator of the culture and economy. It always has been. The top stories in wine in 2019 reflect this truism. Politics, powerful social movements, the economy, evolving modes of consumerism and natural disasters all came together to give us the industry’s biggest stories in 2019. These are those stories. Supreme Court Pushes Back on Protectionism Fourteen years ago the U.S. Supreme Court rendered an opinion in Granholm v Heald that created the…

Oct 29, 2019

An Oregon Wine Rebellion Reflects a Maturing Industry

Something strange happened on the way to passing wine legislation in Oregon…a rebellion broke out. Announced five days ago was the formation of a new Oregon wine trade association: The Oregon Wine Council (OWC) According to the Council’s press release: “The Oregon Wine Council (OWC) has formed with a board of directors and members representing the wine industry statewide. Forming from the coalition who defended the wine industry from anti-competitive wine legislation during the 2019 Oregon Legislature, the OWC represents…

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