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Mar 3, 2006

How Blue is Your State?

Having grown up and lived all my life in California there is one thing I’ve never had to live with: Blue Laws. These are laws that usually take the form of prohibiting sales of alcohol on particular days, most often on Sunday. I simply don’t understand the laws. Well, that’s not true. Clearly they are a reflection of our country’s puritan origins, our continued commitment to religion as well as reflecting the prohibitionist streak that runs through parts of the…

Mar 2, 2006

Q&A Thurs: Can You Distill Down the Wine Shipping Issue?

Can you distill down the wine shipping issues into on paragraph so I can easily understand why it is so important? Are you suggesting I tend to go on…at length about wine shipping and wine legalities? To put it most succinctly: Technology, the changing relationship between consumers and companies, and the degradation of an old and corrupt system for wine distribution is forcing change in the way wine is sold. If the wine wholesalers are allowed to use their political…

Feb 23, 2006

Arizona’s Pro Wine Cyber-Strategy

The Arizona wineries have made a real game out of their battle with that state’s wine distributors who hope to shut off any growth opportunity for that state’s wineries. The state’s wineries have made headway in the legislative battle even though they face a huge disadvantage when it comes to resources. Their response, in part, has been to take it to the digital streets. Todd bostock is the winemaker at Arizona’s Dos Cabezas Winery, a 3000 case winery that produces…