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Nov 28, 2005

The “Idea of Quality” and “Terroir”

Anyone, in or out of the wine industry, looking for a brilliant and spot on analysis of the direction the global wine industry is taking should read Legendary Australian winemaker Brian Croser’s comments over at Fine Wine Press. His "The Idea of Quality: Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage" was, I believe first presented as a speech. Though I am not sure. In it Croser explains how the "idea of quality" has been overtaken by the "idea of terroir" and how embracing…

Nov 14, 2005

Great Wine: A Before & After Shot

In an earlier post today I was commenting on the 1994 vintage, a subject I came to after having opened a bottle of 1994 Chateau St. Jean "Belle Terre" Vineyard Late Harvest Riesling. I described the dark amber color, but it struck me that there may be a fair number of readers who have not encountered an older dessert wine such as this. So I have something of a visual aid for you. A shot of what the wine would…