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Dec 29, 2005

No More Snorting Cabernet

I’ve been a "serious wine drinker" now for going on 20 years. And the other day was the first time I did something I should have started doing 20 years ago: I asked the waiter for a second, empty wine glass to pour half the wine from the FULL wine glass into. Can I describe the bizarre look of shock and lack of understanding I encountered on the waiters face as he tried to register what I was asking for?…

Dec 27, 2005

A Wine Product Born of Fire

The wine warehouse fire in Vallejo earlier this year forced a number of wineries struck by the disaster to re-think their business plans. Many found themselves without any product to bring to market. Long Meadow Ranch from Napa Valley was one such winery, losing two future vintages. But they have plan. According to reports Long Meadow will get themselves back on the shelves by producing a Grappa from single variety pomace. Some explaining is in order. Grappa is a drink…

Dec 21, 2005

Top Ten Wine Store Questions

I recently lamented the lack of "Top Ten" lists on wine. I simply hadn’t found many, posted this, and made a few suggestions for those I’d like to see. Jerry at WineWaves came through with a "Top Ten" list he posted in the Fermentation Comment Section of my earlier post that just goes to show, we have a lot of education left to do. Not wanting Jerry’s list to languish in CommentLand, we present it here:——————————-Top ten questions from wine…

Dec 18, 2005

Sunday Morning Cigars and Old Vine Truths

In my world few solitary activities offer more pleasure than a Sunday morning with a cigar, a brandy and coffee and the day’s hulking newspapers strewn about me. This morning was spent with that simple liquid mix, the New York Times, the Press Democrat and the San Francisco Chronicle and a Dominican of the lonsdale variety that was turned down by Jack and Alder last night after a fantastic meal that included wonderful food and wines and great conversation. It…

Nov 28, 2005

The “Idea of Quality” and “Terroir”

Anyone, in or out of the wine industry, looking for a brilliant and spot on analysis of the direction the global wine industry is taking should read Legendary Australian winemaker Brian Croser’s comments over at Fine Wine Press. His "The Idea of Quality: Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage" was, I believe first presented as a speech. Though I am not sure. In it Croser explains how the "idea of quality" has been overtaken by the "idea of terroir" and how embracing…

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