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Aug 22, 2021

Wine Will Not Be Appropriated

The recent cultural appropriation controversy over Pippa Middlehurst’s new cookbook exploring noodles and dumplings has some instructive elements for the wine industry. One of those lessons is that there is little if any chance of the charge of cultural appropriation being visited upon a person producing wine or writing about wine. But there are other lessons too. First the background. Middlehurst, 31, won England’s first “Best Home Chef” contest in 2018. She has been a food blogger for some time….

Jul 22, 2021

Amplifying Insight in Wine Communications

Who in the wine communications industry deserves our respect and our amplification and how do we choose which voices to lift up. I was motivated to consider this question after writing the other day about the coming Wine Media Conference. Most of the communicators at this coming conference are not part of the “Wine First String” that gets most of the attention. But if the history of wine blogging tells us anything, it is that inside the contingent of writers,…

Jul 11, 2021

Direct Wine Shipping, Fulfillment Houses and Regulatory Overreach

While I’m sure it exists somewhere, I can’t think of a more intrusive regulatory bureaucracy than the one that governs alcohol in the United States. Since its inception in the 1930’s following Repeal, it has only grown and grown. I think what has grown with it is the tolerance for intrusion by the regulated. Part of the problem with the outsized alcohol regulatory structure is that with the states being given the burden of regulating alcohol inside their borders with…

Jul 5, 2021

They Are Coming For The Neck of French Wine

It was difficult to find any non-mocking coverage of the claim made last week by University of Connecticut professor Mathilde Cohen that “French eating habits reinforced the ‘dominance’ of white people over ethnic minorities.” These mocking reactions came in response to a talk she gave in France on the subject that, in turn, was based on a paper she wrote on the subject. Her paper, entitled “The Whiteness of French Food,” purports to “identify a form of French food Whiteness…

Jun 15, 2021

Oregon Wine Country: Mea Culpa—There’s Nothing to See Here

In a recent post here at Fermentation, I attempted to warn the Oregon wine industry that Portland’s tarnished reputation due to regular violent protests for the past year and a highly visible homelessness problem could impact visitation to the state’s wine country. It was pointed out (see comments on the post) that in writing this warning to the industry, I may have inadvertently added to the problem of the state’s wine industry being impacted by these circumstances. It was suggested…