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Oct 15, 2010

The American Wine Consumer Survey

The goal is to launch a true wine consumer advocacy organization. And we are working on creating just such a robust, active and relevant organization. You can indicate your interest by joining the American Wine Consumer FACEBOOK Page that currently has over 1000 supporters. HOWEVER, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE LEARN MORE ABOUT WINE CONSMERS AND THEIR NEEDS. So, I'd ask you to click the following link and take The American Wine Consumer Survey Please forward the link ( to…

Oct 13, 2010

Beer Wholesalers Spend $3 million Trying to Control Alcohol Market

The National Beer Wholesalers of America, the folks that brought you H.R. 5034 in an attempt to keep America's alcohol distribution system humming along at a 1933 pace and who, if they had their way, would see all direct shipping and all winery self distribution to retailers and restaurants banned, are moving up in the world. The Wall Street Journal reports that during the current 2010 election cycle the National Beer Wholesalers of America (NBWA) are the 4th largest corporate…

Oct 5, 2010

A Wine Idea That’s Time Has Come

Every big thing starts small. Every success is an idea first. The future is built on the present I've mentioned it before and alluded to it later: If American wine consumers are going to be heard and if their interests are to be taken seriously, they must speak up. And they need to speak up with one voice. The idea is "The American Wine Consumer Coalition". • When state legislators consider laws concerning consumer access to wine, they don't consult…