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Aug 15, 2011

I Like Your Wine Blog, But….

In crafting the FERMENTATION Reader Survey, I gave those taking the survey the chance to say and write in anything respondents wanted to about this Blog. Many readers had something to say. I thought it only fair that I take the time to respond to a few of these comments. After all, readers took the time to to write the comments. AND BY THE WAY, THE READER SURVEY IS STILL UP AND RUNNING FOR ANOTHER DAY. PLEASE TAKE THIS 2…

Aug 11, 2011

Help Me Help you!

PLEASE….Help Me!! I need to know a little about you…my reader. Take the 2011 Fermentation Reader Survey The survey is anonymous. I won't know who you are. And the results will help me make this blog more useful and more relevant to you!! Thank you

Aug 9, 2011

Just Who Reads This Wine Blog?

Just who the heck are you, why are you reading this blog and what's with you and wine??? That's the short description of what I'm looking to discover about the readers of this wine blog. The last time I asked the 18 questions on this survey was 2009. A lot has changed since then in the wine industry, in my life and even at this blog. So, please indulge me and spend the two minutes it will take you to…

Oct 15, 2010

The American Wine Consumer Survey

The goal is to launch a true wine consumer advocacy organization. And we are working on creating just such a robust, active and relevant organization. You can indicate your interest by joining the American Wine Consumer FACEBOOK Page that currently has over 1000 supporters. HOWEVER, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE LEARN MORE ABOUT WINE CONSMERS AND THEIR NEEDS. So, I'd ask you to click the following link and take The American Wine Consumer Survey Please forward the link ( to…

Apr 30, 2008

Industry vs. Non Industry & The Internet

One of the most unique aspects of the just closed "Electronic Wine Survey" is the association of the respondents to the wine and food industry. Of the 266 respondents, fully 54% identify themselves as working in, producing a product for, or publishing information related to the wine or food industries. I don’t know if other blogs have this kind of high percentage of industry folks, but I doubt it’s too many. This begs the question, how is the relationship with…