Wine Sorcery – Don’t be Taken In

whenwinetastebestConsumers possess a number of misconceptions about wine. But some of those misconceptions are downright hilarious: “Wine tastes better on a ‘Fruit Day’ than on a ‘Root Day’ ”  Uh Huh!

Jamie Goode, wine scientist and wine critic-turned-debunker, politely and rhetorically rips the biodynamic drinking crowd a new one:

“There have been several informal, small scale tests of the calendar, but these haven’t had the necessary rigour to provide any significant results. But a study just published, led by two very well known researchers, Wendy Parr and Dominique Valentin, has subjected the notion that the biodynamic calendar affects the taste of wine to a proper scientific examination. It shows quite clearly that root days and fruit days have no effect on the way wine tastes….

“Will this stop people using the biodynamic calendar? I doubt it. If we change our beliefs, it is rarely because someone has presented us with facts.”

Jamie is right. It won’t stop the “Woo Hoo” crowd from claiming that Biodynamic wine tasting (or wine growing) is nature’s directive, rather than what so many of us know it to be: marketing and sorcery.

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