The 15 Top Selling Wine Books

winefollyThe current top selling wine books on Amazon are an interesting collection, including entries by two who began as wine bloggers as well as two on Mead. Yes, Mead.

1. Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine
by Madeline Puckette
Madeline began as a wine blogger. Way to go, home team.

2. The Wine Bible
by Karen MacNeil
See #14 on the list.

3. Kevin Zraly Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: Revised and Expanded Edition
by Kevin Zraly

4. The Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine wine-bibleExpert
by Richard Betts
Yes, it’s still here.

5. The World Atlas of Wine, 7th Edition
by Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson
How many years do these two masters have between them and how many best seller? And after all these years, this is still the go-to atlas for wine. Amazing.

6. Great Wine Made Simple: Straight Talk from a Master Sommelier
by Andrea Robinson

7. Wine and War: The French, the Nazis, and the Battle for France’s Greatest Treasure
by Donald Kladstrup
The only “history” book on the list AND the only book that is not a “guide” or reference.  It’s also 15 years-old.

champagne8. The Compleat Meadmaker : Home Production of Honey Wine From Your First Batch to Award-winning Fruit and Herb Variations
by Ken Schramm

9. Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine 2017: 40th Anniversary
by Hugh Johnson

10. The Sommelier Prep Course: An Introduction to the Wines, Beers, and Spirits of the World 1st Edition
by M. Gibson
One of three books on the list with “Sommelier” in the title.

11. The Art of the Cheese Plate: Pairings, Recipes, Style, Attitude
by Tia Keenan
I can’t explain. But it’s on the list.

12. But First, Champagne: A Modern Guide to the World’s Favorite Wine
by David White
Began as a Blogger! Another one for the home team.

13. What to Drink with What You Eat: The Definitive Guide to wineandwarPairing Food with Wine, Beer, Spirits, Coffee, Tea – Even Water – Based on Expert Advice from America’s Best Sommeliers
by Andrew Dornenburg, Karen Page

14. The Wine Bible Kindle Edition
by Karen MacNeil
The #2 book on the list is also this book, but in paperback form. Add sales of this Kindle Edition and the paperback version and clearly Karen’s Wine Bible is the best selling wine book.

15. Make Mead Like a Viking: Traditional Techniques for Brewing Natural, Wild-Fermented, Honey-Based Wines and Beers
by Jereme Zimmerman
More Mead!


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