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Dec 5, 2018

The Most Influential Wine Writers

In gathering responses for the 2018 American Wine Writer Survey, the question of writers’ most important influences was of great interest to me. I have my own ideas of which writers are most important to this era’s wine writing, as well as my own most important influences. But I wanted to underhand to whom today’s writers look to for inspiration. The wordcloud you see here represents the people named by American Wine Writer Survey-takers as influential as well as their…

Dec 4, 2018

How Wine Writers See the World—In Graph and Chart

I love wine writers. I have since I first started to get to know them when I began working with them as a publicist back in the day. I didn’t know what to expect of them at first. But they turned out to often be very intelligent, curious, dedicated, interesting people. I was and am fascinated at how they dig so deep into what often seems like a banal subject. The best of them were writers and reporters first, with wine…

Nov 27, 2018

On 14 Years Writing and The Art of Being a Wine Blogging Bomber

When I was 14 years old (1977), I was enduring my last year of junior high school at Sinaloa Jr. High in Novato, California. I remember a few things about that year. The things that stand out most is being suspended for a week of school for having been the ringleader of an expedition to San Francisco’s Chinatown where I and two others conspirators procured a collection of small smoke bombs, which were subsequently unleashed on a somewhat entertained collection…

Sep 5, 2018

A Wine Rating is an Adjective, Not a Calculation

There has of late been good writing and thinking about writing and thinking about wine. At Meg Maker’s Terroir Review I recently read Fredric Koeppel’s “How To Write About Wine; Or, Why Bother To Write About Wine At All”. In the thoughtful article, Frederic concludes that: “What matters, then, isn’t the theoretical skill and experience that would allow a taster to identify from a glass of wine a particular slope in the Sonoma Coast region or a hillside in Brunello di…

Aug 20, 2018

Wine Writers and the Question of Jello vs. Pudding

Designing the recent survey I conducted that will result in the fourth American Wine Writer Survey Report since 1994, a question arose that needed to be answered: Is there any value in asking wine writers whether their work appears in print, digital or both? I had to consider the question for a full 60 seconds. As those 60 seconds passed I pondered whether there was a more useless question I could put to the wine writers that would respond to…

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