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DressnerSometimes you just have to ask yourself, "where the hell have I been?" That was my personal query when this morning I discover a number of visits to Fermentations were coming from a Wine Forum called  "Wine Therapy." So, investigating I discover a gentleman by the name of Joe Dressner has posted over at Wine Therapy a note about Fermentation’s new address and a few bits of information about Wark Communications and my age. (Joe: I like the age range thing. It sounds better than the sting of specificity).

Nevertheless, I come to learn after some investigation that Mr. Dressner is a blogger himself. In fact, it turns out that Joe is likely just what he promotes himself to be: The longest running wine blogger on the Net.

Joe’s blog is called The Wine Importer. And it’s very good stuff. Clearly Joe knows his stuff. But he’s a very funny and cleaver writer too. Reading through it, I asked myself, "where the hell have I been" that I hadn’t noticed this blog. It’s always good to find some writing that you can add to your daily review.

Joe is in fact an importer of European wines. His imports can be found at Louis/Dresser Selections.

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  1. Anonymous - April 4, 2005

    Cleaver writing? That’s one way to call Joe a hack! Is that really a picture of Joe? Looks like some random minister to me…

  2. the sheriff - April 4, 2005

    you sure don’t spell very well.

  3. thecaveman - April 5, 2005

    Joe is sweet and sexy (just check the photo) and is also a fine dinner companion. Always has been quite a good blogger though the he seems to attract blogdom’s riff raff.

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