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Dr. Vino is one of my favorite wine bloggers. His posts are diverse and his insights crisp. His latest project is pretty brilliant.

Dr. Vino has launched The Real Wine World, a project in which he will follow the exploits of three wine professionals for a 12 month period. This should open some eyes for those interested in getting into the wine business.

He’ll be reporting on the day to day activities of an Argentina winemaker, an Italian wine importer and a New York retailer.
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Dr. Vino’s Project reminds me of "A Very Good Year", a new book by Mike Weiss that follows a bottle of Ferrari-Carano wine from vineyard to the market place.

I wonder if wine is set to take off as a cultural phenomenon? With Sideways the movie as the starting point and new TV shows on wine coming out way, more  wine magazines coming that address various niches in the market, it just may happen.

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  1. Lenn - June 30, 2005

    Hey Tom…did you get a copy of that book yet?
    It’s the first book I’m reading on my honeymoon…much to Nena’s dismay. She keeps saying “Would you read something light and FICTION”
    I just tell her it means I’m getting old…and that I’m completely obsessed with everything wine.

  2. tom - June 30, 2005

    This book was serialized in the San Francisco Chronicle last year. I read most of what they printed then. It’s not bad at all. But I do have the book sittinig here. However, it needs to get in line behind “A People’s History of the Supreme Court” and my re-reading of Gore Vidal’s “Lincoln”.
    You are reading on your honeymoon? Hmmmmm.

  3. huge - June 30, 2005

    I found the Chronicle’s series to be unreadable (even for somebody who is a self-confessed compulsive wine-related-writing reader). It was a good idea, but somewhere along the way it completely lost me.
    I do like Dr. Vino’s idea, though.

  4. Lenn - July 1, 2005

    Yes yes…I’m reading on the honeymoon. One needs variety, right?
    Huge…why did you find it unreadable?
    I’ve talked to a couple local vineyard managers about following them around next growing season and putting it on LENNDEVOURS. Could be fun.

  5. enoch choi - July 2, 2005

    tell Dr. Vino to get RSS feeds.

  6. Mike Duffy - July 3, 2005

    Enoch – Dr. Vino’s blog ( has an RSS feed.

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