Sonoma Wine Awards

One of Sonoma County’s really great wine events is the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. The fair itself is a 3 day event beginning September 30. However, it’s the Harvest Fair Award Night Gala Celebration on September 24 that is the real wing ding.

Wineries from across the county set up tables and pour, pour, pour and pour some more. They pour those wines they’ve entered in the accompanying wine competition. However, they have no idea if any of the wines they are pouring have won any medals. About half way through the pouring the lights go down and the overhead screen lights up thereby commencing with the announcement of the awards for Gold, Best of Class awards and Sweepstakes Winners.

Vintners and attendees, many dressed to the nines, wait and watch, anxiously. For the vintners it’s important. The Best of Class, Sweepstakes and many of the Gold medal winners receive a real boost in sales as a result of the medals and awards mainly because so many Sonoma retailers heavily support them. For attendees, the awards are a chance to taste on the spot the best of Sonoma County.

The awards presentation also include recognition of the best breads, jams, culinary creations and other food products, most of which are also sampling at the Gala Awards Night.

This is really a fantastic event. Check out the website to see if tickets are still available.

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  1. Jack - September 23, 2005

    “Wineries from across the country” – er, I think that’s across the county. I don’t think there are too many wineries from New York pouring and selling their wines here. 🙂

  2. Tom Wark - September 23, 2005

    Jack, thanks for catchng that. Yes, it’s only Sonoma COUNTY wineries pouring at the Harvest Fair Awards. Looks like I’ll have to fire my editor…AGAIN! Problem is, he keeps showing up for work every day.

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