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Catherine Granger is the author of "Purple Liquid", a wine and food blog that got my attention today for its interesting content and good writing.

What bothers me is that I’ve not come across Purple Liquid before. Catherine has had the blog for about a year now. That’s longer than most. her content is often place related and boy can she post. Long, interesting in depth posts with good reviews and interesting insights.

But she doesn’t post often. Alas….

Nevertheless, the quality of the posts and writing gets her on the FERMENTATIONS Wine Blog’s blogroll.

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  1. Catherine Granger - September 20, 2005

    Tom, thanks so much for your warm comments! I started “blogging” seriously only a couple months ago, that’s why my blog was not known and I have so few entries. But now, I think I got the right pace and I’ll write more often.

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