Good Wine Blogging Our Way Comes

Mark Fisher knows how to blog wine.

It’s exciting to have a new wine blogger on the scene who not only has years of experience writing about wine but also has an active blog and an attitude and opinion to go with it.

Mark’s most recent entry in "Uncorked" concerns the formation of a new group to press the issue of proper and appropriate use of place-names on wines. Mark’s take, which you can read HERE, is that this no wine should come close to suggesting the juice in the bottle is from anyplace other than where the grapes were grown. And of course he’s right.

Mark also touches on the issue of the recent agreement between the EU and the United States that opens up each others wine markets much more widely. The new organization promoting proper use of place names on wines seems connected to the Europeans’ instance that American wine producers stop using words like "Champagne", "Burgundy" and Port. But the EU vintners have also suggested that terms like "Clos" and "Vintage" and "Superior". Huge over at Huge Johnson’s World of Wine covers this somewhat tightassed approach the French employ and acts as a great companion posting to Mark Fisher’s most recent post.

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