Sonoma’s Mountain Fall

I had the opportunity to drive around the hills ands mountains surrounding Sonoma Valley today. I was picking up donated auction items for an upcoming event for our local elementary school.

There are places tucked into the hills that the average visitor to the Valley who never gets off Highway 12 misses altogether. That’s not a good thing, particularly this time of year when the vineyards are turning rich yellows, crimsons and their other fall colors before the leaves drop.

It happened that I had a camera with me today. So, to give you a better idea of what it looks like this time of year, I give you a view from the hills and valley of Sonoma



This is a shot of the famed Monte Rosso Vineyard from Moon Mountain Road




These are the ridiculously steep and terraced vineyards owned by Audlessa Vineyards and Winery in the Mayacamus Mountains. They are roughly southwest facing and really a beautiful sight. The wine is outstanding too. They make a beautiful Cab and Syrah.


More of the Mountain Terraces vineyard of Audlessa



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  1. maggie - November 12, 2005

    Gorgeous. California wears brown best in the fall.
    Hey, have you thought about having an Irish wake for your “S?” I would dammit. Everyone loved that S. But your site is just as great without it. Still, getting subscribers to resubscribe and all that nonsense.

  2. Tom Wark - November 12, 2005

    I know how you feel about that “S”. It was a good “S”. It never complained about coming after “R”, which is clearly a more mediocre letter. And my “S” always worked hard, completing the task assigned. It was friendly “S” too. You could take that “S” anywhere and know it would never let loose with foul language, a bad word or or nasty phrase. My old S preferred always to deliver a “Hit” rather than a “Shit”.
    He’ll be missed, but long remembered.

  3. Jerry - November 13, 2005

    Beautiful – Thank You.

  4. Porter - November 14, 2005

    Hey Tom,
    Thanks for the kind words about Audelssa wines. If you haven’t ever been to the winery, please come onup for a visit! We can show you around this ridiculously steep vineyard, and pour some of our new wines for you — lots of fun stuff coming next year.
    We’re not open to the public, so just give us a shout if you want to come up.
    Audelssa Estate Winery

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