The Most Impactful Wine Blog Post of the Year

It was early in 2005 that a discussion erupted on number of wine blogs about the kind of impact the wine blogs could have on the world of wine. Opinion ran the gamut from pushing wine sales to getting more people interested in wine to no impact whatsoever.

Mark Fisher, proprietor of the blog "Uncorked" has demonstrated that a wine blog can have an impact.

Over the past couple weeks Mark has been blogging about a discrepancy he encountered while walking down the wine aisle in his local Trader Joe’s. He found the same wine that looked entirely different. He inquired, he talked to people, he made calls. Now the wine has been pulled off Trader Joes’ shelves nationwide.

Mark gets the award for most impactful wine blog post of the year.

Well done, Mark. Looking out for the consumer and keeping big business on their toes. Oh, and kudos to Trader Joes for addressing the issue in a fairly speedy fashion.

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