Last Day to Caption & Win the Pinot Report

Today is the last day of the

The best caption of this wonderful photo of the California Governor, as judged by yours truly, wins a 1 year subscription to the award-winning Pinot Report.

The caption contest ends today at 11:59pm pst.

Post your caption in the comments section.

12 Responses

  1. Ryan Opaz - May 9, 2006

    Look what my steriods can do for California wine!

  2. Joe - May 9, 2006

    Pass the Foie Gras and let’s crack this sucker! What’s that? I signed a bill outlawing Foie Gras? Oh – What about spotted owl? Can we still eat that?

  3. Bill Wilson - May 9, 2006

    “Dis is da size wine bottle I drink with dinner every night. Any other size is for da girlie men.”

  4. NJ Billy - May 9, 2006

    I took that girlie Pinot Noir to the gym and pumped it up, have a taste Franz.

  5. Dino - May 9, 2006

    I should not be giving this bottle of wine to a lobbyist. He should be giving it to ME!

  6. joe parish - December 27, 2007

    I was told that this is a BYOB party.

  7. ramadas appau - June 28, 2010

    I submit this wine to the entire people of Califonia

  8. ramadas appau - June 28, 2010

    daily a bottle full of wine helps me to my body building

  9. ramadas appau - June 28, 2010

    a bottle full of wine a day keeps my rivals away

  10. ramadas appau - June 28, 2010

    for my bright current and future i use only California wine

  11. ramadas appau - June 28, 2010

    i use this wine bottle for my daily weight lifting

  12. ramadas appau - June 29, 2010

    spray this wine around California

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