Burning Man Vs. Wine Auctions

My beautiful wife Ginny is set to leave me home with the kids (a dubious decision) tomorrow as she heads off for Burning Man for the 7th or 8th time. I’ve never been to Burning Man mainly because I’m not a big fan of the desert and dust. However, one year I considered going and creating the Desert Wine Cafe for the oenophile folk at the event. But my wife, a veteran, informed me it’s not really a wine-kinda-thing.

I took her word on it, stayed home and watched the kids.

But I’m just not sure I’m willing to give up on the Burning Man contingent. 30,000 people will head out to the self expression festival this week. Some of them surely will be missing their wine…despite the other….distractions. I know Ginny will be.

So I started to look through our stash here to see just what would be appropriate for 100 degree heat and dust. What wine matches that milieu?

I’ll send her off with some palate cleansing Gewurztraminer… and in a pinch can be used to wipe yourself down…as long as it’s dry.

The closest thing we have to Burning Man in the wine industry is the Sonoma Valley Harvest AuctionSvauc
. This is a great, fun, casual event in Sonoma Valley where the vintners just take off and and enjoy themselves. However, don’t count on the vintners washing themselves in Gewurztraminer…..I don’t think.

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  1. Jared S. - August 29, 2006

    My sister in-law is off to Burning Man for the first time. While I wouldn’t go as far as “oenophile” I would definitely put her in the category of “missing her wine.” And believe me, if there was someone offering wine tastings in trade at Burning Man, she’d be first in line. So I’d guess there are others that would line up behind her.

  2. WhistlingWench - August 29, 2006

    I for one would have bellied up to your cafe, and people like me would always drag a few others with us….so sad I couldn’t make it to Burning Man this year, so I’ll have to live vicariously through friends.

  3. Scott Klann - August 30, 2006

    Hi Tom, Scott at Twisted Oak Winery here…I’ve been tempted to go to BM for years now but haven’t made the trip. Mostly because it starts right about the time we start squishing those little juicy balls of Bacchanalian treasure. But I’m always looking for an excuse to drink more wine. Depending on how the season goes next year, count me in as part of “Campo Vino” and I’ll be sure to bring my wares for the freaks. Cold Verdelho pairs so well with parched earth!

  4. Dissatisfied Customers of the Green Tortoise Ring - February 9, 2008

    A better question might be “what sort of wine will survive that mileu”.
    Wide temperature swings in a place where refrigeration is iffy. Iceboxes getting kicked over, etc.
    Ever hear of a cooked wine? Not something you make with a fine vintage to be sure.

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