The “Google” of Wine Blogs

Lesson of the day: Sometimes you don’t know you need it until it appears. has created a Wine Blog Search Engine. Now how cool is that? For a long time I’ve used google or technorati to figure out what’s happening with wine on blogs. Not the most efficient way to search wine blogs specifically, is it. The nice thing about the4 wine blog search is of course that it’s wine blog specific. The search engine takes your search term and looks through 300+ wine-related blogs. That works!

The only thing on my wish list is that the results can be sorted by date. But I have a feeling that will come later when programming time allows.

Many folks know for it’s ranking of blogs:’s Top 100 Wine Blogs. The rankings are quantitative and take into account results from search engines, Google rankings and technorati results.

The Top 100 Wine Blogs has recently been updated by Alawine’s Ken W. So if you are wondering or if you are curious, go check out the new rankings. is turning out to be the "Google of Wine Blogs".

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  1. James - February 17, 2007

    Hi Tom-
    Another wine search engine you may want to check out is Scrugy ( Currently there are over 5 million web pages indexed on Scrugy from thousands of wine related sites.
    As for wine blogs, Scrugy tracks nearly 400 wine related blogs and has indexed over 100K postings. Blog postings can be searched and sorted by date. For example, this link does a search for “wark” with results sorted descending by date.
    There are also nearly 100K tasting notes indexed on Scrugy which can also be searched. Here is a search for the most recent wine reviews with “earthy” and “syrah”.
    Scrugy has been built from the ground up to be a search engine for wine and only wine. With the exception of the Shopping pages, Scrugy does not front-end a generic search engine such as Google or Yahoo. This allows us to do some pretty interesting things with when it comes to wine searching (i.e. wine-centric synonyms, acronyms, misspellings, and so on). None of the sophisticated features offered by the big search engines are lost, though. Scrugy’s advanced search page gives you a great deal of control over what and how you search.
    Anyway, I hope you will check out the site and consider using Scrugy for some of your wine searches.
    James Jory

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