Who Reads Wine Blogs & Why? Boredom?

Who’s reading wine blogs…and why? I’ve done a variety of survey’s of FERMENTATION readers on a number of topics and always ask a few demogaphic questions. So, I have a general idea of the generalities of our readership. However, it’s difficult to know more than things like age, location, income, etc.

But every now and again I pull up the ISP stats for FERMENTATION to get an idea of the source of FERMENTATION’s readers. This is limited in its usefulness. But I do like to wonder why an ISP identified as "Universal Studios" came to FERMENTATIONS. Is there a movie in the works on business and culture oriented wine bloggers? I’m guessing it’s someone in the "prop" department who’s eating a sandwich and surfing around for wine info and stories. Still, it’s kind of interesting.

I took a look recently again at the ISP log for FERMENTATION. It’s kind of interesting. What are these folks looking for at FERMENTATION:

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority–That can’t be good for me.
Lockheed Martin Corporation—bored, wine-loving engineer?
Fleishman Hillard–Nope, no job offer yet from the PR firm of PR firms.
Internal Revenue Service—Ouch!!
Oxford University—Maybe they are getting around to that application
U.s. Fish And Wildlife Service—What wine to drink with Largemouth Bass?
Dixie Sales Company–Bored Sales Rep at a Parts Replacement company?
Heineken Nv—Now this would be an interesting client. I wonder if they are looking for PR Help?
Husky Injection Molding Ltd-–I don’t even want to know
Philip Morris Companies Inc—Don’t they own some wine brands? Hmmm.
E&j Gallo Winery—Maybe they are looking for Advertising Services

No worries anyone. Your privacy is safe. I can only see Named ISP names and most of those are ISP companies. It is interesting though. Wine, as an interest, seems to infect all types.

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  1. Sonadora - March 9, 2007

    Everyone always calls me out when they do these things. I guess I need to go work for a less curiosity inspiring place. I come to your blog because you focus on what’s going on in the world of wine as opposed to reviews and I like to balance my reading of reviews with wine news.

  2. eljefe - March 9, 2007

    They’re looking for “free pussy”. (Sorry.)

  3. Erwin Dink - March 10, 2007

    El Jefe, I’ve read your posts before. No, you’re not.

  4. Mary B. - March 10, 2007

    Tom, you’re hilarious. I’ve noticed a few interesting ISP’s on my site as well. It usually puts an extra spark in my day, but you get some REALLY strange ones! 😉

  5. Mike Duffy - March 10, 2007

    OK, so what are your top 10 (or 25) search phrases? Those are usually (like El Jefe’s unencumbered cat) pretty interesting.
    Actually, it’s not the common search phrases, it’s the one-offs that are usually most off-the-wall. Except may be for Jefe’s blog.

  6. Terry Hughes - March 10, 2007

    I know what you mean, Tom. I get a lot of those (Paramount and Disney studios though). I wonder about the visits I get from Meals on Wheels and other not-for-profits. (Hey, get back to work, there are people suffering out there!)
    I do get excited when the NYT shows up, I must admit.

  7. Dan Cochran - March 10, 2007

    To answer your title’s question, I come here because (like many wine geeks) I am always open to other’s thoughts on wine, be they funny or serious. The wineries themselves don’t always provide much info about their produce – bloggers like you help fill the gaps.

  8. Jacob Bohall - March 12, 2007

    Our most recent was AAa of Michigan.. don’t know why the last was lowercase, but def. caught my attention..
    I read the wine blogs, along with many others (webworkerdaily, techcrunch, technorati…) mainly because its a fun way to make sure I’m not missing any big news. If something major is happening, its in the blogosphere, if something major isn’t happening… then its just an all out good time.
    I also share Mike Duffy’s excitement for the NYT, Washington Post, etc..

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