The Long Drink

The drink There was a bottle of rich, exuberant wine I'd been sitting with and taking long drinks from and enjoying and being strung out by for months. It pleased me. It confounded me. It drew me in. And I drunk as much as I could get my hands on.

It was captivating.

And wines will do that to you. They will bury you in delight. They will entangle you.

And they can make you believe that the delights of the senses and the sensuality of nearness to endearment can truly lift you up beyond a common, daily rift.

Then one day, I noticed the wine didn't seem to shimmer as it had. It didn't seem to be as delighted to see me as I was it. And I wondered if I had invested too much into this wine; into its charms. I wondered if I had misinterpreted the meaning of the long drinks this wine delivered.

Then I wondered…Was the wine something beyond my appreciative abilities? Or did I misinterpret this wine from the very beginning? In any case, one day the wine failed to shimmer.

This relationship we have with our desires is complex. We sometimes invest a great deal more than we should. We expect more than what the maker was able to deliver. We think these objects of our desire, rich and dark and supple, will return our investment. They do sometimes. Sometimes they don't.

Taste before you drink. Drink before you imbibe. Know the wine before you invest in it. And despite the possibility that its shimmer may go away one day, take the chance it might stay.

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  1. Samantha - April 26, 2009

    “Entagnle”…I like it

  2. Tom Wark - April 26, 2009

    Is there any other way to describe the way we are ensnared by these things?

  3. Samantha - April 27, 2009

    seems like ensnarled works too….

  4. Ian - April 27, 2009

    Sometimes we change too and it isn’t possible for something to touch us in the same way, as we are no longer there.

  5. mydailywine - April 27, 2009

    sounds like a love analogy. keep drinking. it gets better.

  6. Dylan - April 29, 2009

    Wine is in the eye of the beholder.

  7. auto lone rates - August 21, 2009

    In Finland, the term long drink has come to refer almost exclusively to certain factory-produced mixed beverages. The 2000s saw the reintroduction of the brandy long drink (now by Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas) as well.

  8. Ashok Khetani - September 16, 2009

    Fermentation is how we make beer and wine. It has been around at least 10000 years and will happen naturally to almost any liquid with sugars in sitting around.
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