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  1. Arthur - May 19, 2009

    You CANNOT miss us THIS much, Tom. It is unhealthy.
    The doctor says”
    Rx: Take 2 maitais followed by 2 Bahama Mamas – in rapid succession. Don’t call me till you get back.
    If the pics you are posting are your own work, you are a lucky SOB. If you have the time to Google for them, see: Rx.

  2. KenPayton - May 19, 2009

    Hope you’re having a great time!

  3. Gretchen - May 19, 2009

    Ok.. Now you are just GLOATING! Have fun!

  4. Philippines properties for sale - June 15, 2009

    Oh! what a very nice view. I really love it. Feels I like to have a vacation. I really love it. Wish my dad will buy a resort like this.

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