Excuse Me If I Slur My Words

Winelove Does wine improve with age? Does marriage improve with time?

I received an email from a frequent blog reader to congratulate me on my coming nuptials. In the email they explained that I will love being married and that I should rest assured that "marriage is like wine, it gets better with age."

I really appreciate the happy wishes. But I didn't disclose in the thank you email I sent that I don't think the analogy holds up (they'll figure that out when they read this blog post).

Whether or not wine tends to get better with age, of course, depends upon the individual's taste buds. But its not necessarily true. Some will argue that properly built wines become more "complex" with age, and this I think I agree with…up to a point. That 15 year old cold climate CA Pinot is certainly more complex in my mind than one that is a baby and two years out of vintage. I'm not sure they are always better while also being more complex. But I do think they are generally more complex.

That said, I'm not sure telling someone the following is appropriate: "You'll love being married: the marriage becomes more complex with age".

That doesn't sound right, but we'll see.

Now, will marriage, unlike wine, necessarily "improve" with time? Knowing my bride, I think I can confidently say that if our marriage doesn't improve with time, it will certainly be more joyous with time. But I'm betting on "improve" as well as more joyous. Still, I'm stuck on this weird insistence that the analogy of wine to marriage doesn't work.

This all brings me to the correct and simplest wine/love-related anology: Love is like wine. It intoxicates.

I'm certainly intoxicated. Inebriated, even. And if you don't mind, I think I'll just stay in this state for the rest of my days. So excuse me if I slur my words from now on.

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  1. Marcia - May 10, 2011

    How about if we assume, in your case, that the well-wisher meant it all in the genuine spirit (and personal experience) that his/her own marriage has indeed gotten better with time? And let’s assume for the moment this person has also had very favorable wine aging experience (lucky!) with no raisin’d wines, TCA, or well-past-its-prime experiences.
    Then, indeed, enjoy sluuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrring your wurds!

  2. Samantha Dugan - May 10, 2011

    Something about this just makes me proud.

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  4. top wine cooler - May 15, 2011

    i think marriage can improve with time. lust and sexual attraction may wear off but i think overall respect and love will deepen. i hope that helps.
    i think it all depends on the couple. wine is typically assumed to improve with age but that is not always the case as you’ve alluded to in your article

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