Questioning Authority: The Mia Klein Edition

Insight and education and entertainment does result from exploring the expertise of authorities in any given field. But sometimes, simply questioning the authority on more mundane matters can also deliver insight…and surprises. The "Questioning Authority" interview series on FERMENTATION is meant to do just that: Provide insight and surprises…and maybe entertain a little.

Questioning Authority
The Mia Klein Edition

Mia Job Description?
Make yummy, irresistible wines.

Profession other than current you'd like to claim?
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, professional surfer, motorcycle mechanic, not necessarily in that order.

Your First Act as The Queen of Wine?
Have one, national Alcoholic Beverage Control not 50.

Last book read?
The Paleo Solution

DeathBed Wine?
’89 La Conseillante

Your hero or heroine?
My dog, Dilly the pointer, who teaches me, by example, to always ask for what I really want.

Where does your one roundtrip ticket in a time machine take you?
My first harvest in Napa. 1983 at Chappellet Vineyard as a student intern.

Is the 100-point wine rating scale a good thing?
Well, maybe, in the sense that I know plenty of people who cut their teeth on the system and have moved on to pursue their own wine interests in depth, outside of big media, be it Burgundy or Napa, making, marketing, selling, or consuming.

Late night Snack
Is 9:30 late? Everything starts early in the wine making end of things, which translates to bed-time too. One more glass of the best wine of the night for me.

Your new winery is named…?
Klein’s Line of Fine Rhine Wine

Mia's hard work and talent has allowed her to rise to the upper echelons of the California winemaking world. Her own label, Selene, delivers an array of wines, primarily from Napa Valley. In addition, as consulting winemaker she has helped Viader, Spottswood, Bressler, Dalla Valle, and Araujo become Napa Valley stand outs. Ms. Klein also maintains a personal blog.

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