Questioning Authority: The Leslie Sbrocco Edition

Insight and education and entertainment does result from exploring the expertise of authorities in any given field. But sometimes, simply questioning the authority on more mundane matters can also deliver insight…and surprises. The "Questioning Authority" interview series on FERMENTATION is meant to do just that: Provide insight and surprises…and maybe entertain a little.

Questioning Authority
The Leslie Sbrocco Edition

LesSbrocco Job Description?
Wine/food communicator, author, tv host, speaker, eater, drinker, traveler, founder of Thirsty Girl

Profession other than current you'd like to claim?
Jazz singer

First Act as The Queen of Wine?
Free all  subjected to the tyranny of wine scores! Seriously, I would require all my subjects to enjoy a glass every day

Last book read?
Vanished Smile — about the theft of the Mona Lisa

DeathBed Wine?
Salon or Krug Champagne

Your hero or heroine?
My mother who raised five children by herself after my dad died

Where does your one roundtrip ticket in a time machine take you?
To ancient Egypt to  hang with Cleopatra, the ultimate Thirsty Girl (might end up making it a one way ticket…)

Is the 100-point wine rating scale a good thing?
I don't rate wines and encourage drinkers who shop by score to use them as a guide to find wines THEY like, not just 90+ point bottles

Late night Snack
Hot dogs smothered in mustard and pickles and some very good bourbon

Your new winery is named…?
 "The TAT" after my new tattoo (a glass of rose bubbly on the back of my calf done on the tv show LA ink) and each label would showcase prized tattoos.

Leslie Sbrocco is one of America's best recognized and most enthusiastic wine personalities. The Founder of Thirsty Girl, Leslie is an Emmy Wward winning television host, a writer, a public speaker, an author, a consultant, a frequent guest on the Today Show and a friend. While anyone who knows her would not be surprised about her new Tat, it's the 1am hotdog and bourbon that kinda surprises.

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14 Responses

  1. Ron Washam, HMW - September 7, 2011

    You know, oddly, the blogger interviews you used to do were way more interesting.

  2. Fredric Koeppel - September 7, 2011

    Amen to the “death-bed” wines …

  3. Thomas Pellechia - September 7, 2011

    Ha, Ron. I was thinking the same thing.
    Tom, what’s with the People-like interviews?
    Is it the talent that you are selecting that causes the dumbing down or is it a definite decision to dumb down?

  4. Tom Wark - September 7, 2011

    As you might imagine, I don’t see the questions as “dumbed down”. I was always a big fan of the Dewers ads. That’s what this is modeled after. I like the idea of nice, short, simple questions that touch on their profession, but also on their person. That said, I might tweak a few questions down the road. Any suggestions?

  5. Tim McDonald - September 7, 2011

    Tom, I loved the Dewar’s ads from the 80s…before the internet, Ha! ask away! Cheers and good on you! TMcD

  6. Thomas Pellechia - September 7, 2011

    You are the director of your blog. Don’t change directions just because a few of us find fault with it–besides, if you change it, we will have less about which to bug you 😉
    But since you ask, an interview needs to be enlightening rather than merely entertaining. But I commend you for not asking: boxers or briefs?
    My reward for not watching TV is that I get to miss the commercials too. Please explain the Dewar’s ads.

  7. Tom Wark - September 7, 2011

    The Dewers ads were print ads. Here’s just one that I found. They have done a whole series.

  8. Thomas Pellechia - September 7, 2011

    That explains it: I never read either…

  9. Charlie Olken - September 8, 2011

    Hmmm. Eight comments consisting of three from Tom P. two from you, one from Washam, and one each from Tim McD and Fred K.
    Maybe you should put the Dewars concept back in the time capsule. :-}

  10. Samantha Dugan - September 8, 2011

    I think the boxers or briefs questions is genius….

  11. Tom Wark - September 8, 2011

    Naw…It’s still too much fun…particularly for me, Charles. How else would I learn about Leslie’s tatoo or Jancis’s love of Peanut Butter Cups?

  12. 1WineDude - September 8, 2011


  13. Ron Washam, HMW - September 8, 2011

    Oh, there are many ways to learn about Leslie’s tattoo.
    I didn’t say I didn’t like these interviews, just that the blogger interviews were, in their own way, more bizarrely interesting.
    And I was hoping for “Have you ever sneezed while peeing?”

  14. Tom Wark - September 8, 2011

    Come on Ron….you know as well as I do that everyone has sneezed while peeing!!
    And you just liked the blogger interviews because it gave you more fodder.
    Now…it was my pleasure to give such fodder. But now, if you come back to the Hosemaster blog, you’re going to have to widen your aim. Hell why do you think I started these new interviews if not to prod you back to the keyboard??

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